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 Server upgraded to VPS - Donation Prices Raised

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Server upgraded to VPS - Donation Prices Raised Empty
PostSubject: Server upgraded to VPS - Donation Prices Raised   Server upgraded to VPS - Donation Prices Raised Icon_minitimeThu Aug 26, 2010 11:40 pm

So, as most of your know - MicroScape now runs on a smooth VPS. The old dedi computer would cause lag and the sort so after a lot of downtime and work... MicroScape will now be lag free 24/7. You should be happy because now, you can all enjoy the game without lag and downtime... even though we weren't down much before.

The VPS will cost money so to help spare some cash - I have decided to take into cosideration Mike's current area and I rose the donation items' prices.

Now, you may think this is unfair... but all Party Hats will now be $5.00 and so on. Items such as the Santa Hat have rose, but the Hand Cannon has remained at $10.00. You can soon expect new donation items and the prices to raise once more. Remember, the VPS and the other hosts that help the server do cost more money than MicroScape is receiving.

These costs have been raised for your benefit. Sorry if this is an incovinience for you, but it had to be done.

Micro Mike and Storm

Server upgraded to VPS - Donation Prices Raised 2j4uart
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Server upgraded to VPS - Donation Prices Raised
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