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 Forum cleanup and resync - Website now up!

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Forum cleanup and resync - Website now up! Empty
PostSubject: Forum cleanup and resync - Website now up!   Forum cleanup and resync - Website now up! Icon_minitimeThu Aug 26, 2010 11:49 pm

As most of you may notice, most of the announcements and other posts have been deleted. Why? To conserve some memory and clean up the lazy posts I have found. If you are going to post, please make it something that can hold a conversation. Do not post like "I fixed my signature. Bye"... because I will be locking/deleting all topics like that from now on.

I also went and resynced the forums to a different base. This resync may help me when we make the new forums. I am going to talk with Mike about the new layout and etc, but they will most likely be a vBulletin based forum.

Currently, you may notice the new website is up. Well, it has been completed, but not without a few bugs. If you are viewing the new site on an older version of Internet Explorer, you may notice that some of the html isn't showing correctly. I am working on fixing this, but I do advise you download the newest version of Internet Explorer to help yourself. I may not be able to fix this as you should download the new version anyway and using the older version is just... not helping me when you can fix it yourself.

I have noticed a couple buttons shifting along with text. I am currently working on the site and I am going to look at adding a new skin incase you aren't a fan of the RuneScape theme. I also am going to look at reworking the RuneScape them to be more of the first generation RuneScape HD look. I need to make the buttons work on flash and etc.

In Other News:

New forums coming soon - This week, you can expect new forums to be added such as "Graphics", "Media" and other MicroScape based forums.

Thanks everyone!


Forum cleanup and resync - Website now up! 2j4uart
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Forum cleanup and resync - Website now up!
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