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 The account Logan, demoted and ip-banned.

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The account Logan, demoted and ip-banned. Empty
PostSubject: The account Logan, demoted and ip-banned.   The account Logan, demoted and ip-banned. Icon_minitimeSun Aug 29, 2010 12:49 pm

As most of you know, Logan has been having trouble ingame and on the forums recently. He has banned members off the forums and it was only until last night that I found out. I took away his moderator powers, but forget he had banning access.

I HAVE taken them away now. He is in his own special group now known as BANNED

I want to tell everyone who thought it was me, I am not a jack ass. I don't ban random accounts to ban you... I hardly ever ban. The only accounts logan messed with were Rockman5647, Sandeep, and Lyriks. I caught him before he did anything to Rockman since he cannot ban him. I was fixing a couple things was notified by Sandeep asking who had banned him and Lyriks just decided it had to be me, but I have since unbanned him.


He is not trusrtworthy.

To all Forum Moderators and Forum Admins...

Did you not know that you could go to Logans profile and click "Ban this Member" and set all of the information for it? Razz

Remember, I have the new forums up which will help me monitor moderators closley. I have taken away all banning privledges except from Head Forum Admins and Head Forum Moderators.



The account Logan, demoted and ip-banned. 2j4uart
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The account Logan, demoted and ip-banned.
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